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When functioning properly, house hold wastes are collected in your septic tank and then broken down, liquefied, and deodorized by the naturally occurring bacteria. Because this process is biological, it is easily upset and may stop working.


Some common factors that often upset the natural process are:

  • Overuse of disinfectants

  • Overuse of bleaches

  • Overuse of detergents

  • Very hot or cold conditions.


Such factors kill the micro-organisms that work to keep your septic system running properly. Because modern septic tanks are water-tight concrete boxes, the naturally occurring bacteria in the surrounding soil is unable to enter. Is specifically designed to replenish and boost the supply of these invaluable micro-organisms and allows natural activity to continue.

Easily Maintain your Septic System

Is simple ... Just drop in the convenient pre-packaged, pre-measured pouches into your lavatory

bowl. The plastic pouches dissolve away so you don't have to handle the powder.



Simple and Easy to Use

  • Extends Life of Drain Area

  • Controls Methane Production

  • Improves Drain Field Percolation

  • Keeps Sewer Lines Open

  • Neutralizes Detergent Bleach

  • Prevents Drain Blockage

  • Will Not Attack Plastic or Metal Plumbing

  • Safer to Use than Harsh Chemicals

  • Helps eliminate soggy soil caused by clogging

  • Degrades Paper, Grease and Vegetable Waste

  • Degrades Waste Faster

  • Eliminates odors which can attract insects

  • Restores the natural biological process

  • Boosts the existing biological activity


Following with regular monthly applications will:

• Keep your septic tank working effectively

• Prevent expensive emergencies

• Prevent additional pumping costs.


It is completely natural and environmentally safe, containing no corrosive chemicals, caustic or acids, and is hazard free.


It will not damage metal, ceramic, or plastic parts of the drainage system.